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Benefits Of Martial Arts

We believe in nurturing the potential within every child. Our programs are designed to empower young minds and bodies, foster a love for learning and a foundation for success.

  • Developing Strong Healthy Bodies: Through engaging exercises and drills, children improve their coordination, balance, flexibility and overall fitness. 
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: Mastering new techniques and achieving milestones in their Choi Kwang Do Journey builds a sense of accomplishment and self-belief. An increase confidence empowers them in all aspects of life, from education to social interactions.
  • Enhanced Focus and Discipline: The structured environment and emphasis on repetition in Choi Kwang Do helps children develop focus, discipling and the ability to follow instructions. This valuable skills translate into better performance in school and all their endeavours.
  • Improved Social Skills and Teamwork: Training alongside peers creates bonds of friendship and a sense of belonging. Children learn to cooperate, respect others and communicate effectively with a supportive environment.
  • Developing Self Control and Stress Management: Choi Kwang Do training teaches children valuable self control techniques and healthy ways to channel their energy. Through breathing exercises and mindful practice, they learn to manage stress and emotion more effectively.
  • Developing Anti-Bullying Strategies: Although not the primary focus, Choi Kwang Do does equip children with Self Defence skills and situational awareness. This empowers them to navigate potentially difficult situations with confidence.

South Coast Choi Kwang Do offers a safe and positive environment where your child can learn valuable life skills while building a strong foundation for success. Join us and watch your child blossom!

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junior leadership academy

Alongside our regular Choi Kwang Do classes, we also offer our Junior Leadership Academy! This program is tailored for students who exhibit leadership qualities and a keen interest in advancing their martial arts journey. Through teamwork activities, mentorship opportunities, and specialised leadership training, the Junior Leadership Academy aims to cultivate your child’s potential as a role model within the class, nurturing traits such as responsibility, effective communication, and a profound grasp of Choi Kwang Do’s fundamental principles.

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