South Coast Choi Kwang Do

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About Us

Why train with us

South Coast Choi Kwang Do has been serving the Fareham and Gosport communities since 2011. We believe martial arts are a transformative tool for self improvement: offering confidence, leadership skills and physical fitness for all ages.

Rooted in the principles of Choi Kwang Do, a modern martial art emphasising practical self defence, health and wellbeing, our approach prioritises your holistic development. We don’t focus on competition, but rather on enhancing your fitness and wellbeing through dedicated martial arts practice.

Our inclusive classes are perfect for everyone aged 5 and up, whether you seek practical self defence skills or simply want to improve your physical fitness and build confidence.

By offering accessible martial arts training, we aim to equip individuals and families with the tools they need to achieve a healthier, more confident you.


Our Team

Dave Storey

School Owner / Chief Instructor

Hannah Howley

Head Instructor

Debbie Appleby - Welfare Officer - 01329 729017

Rachael Toms

Assistant Instructor

Debbie Toms

Assistant Instructor

Helen Wright

Assistant Instructor

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