Neil Cowie

Chief Instructor / School Owner

I have always enjoyed martial arts, and it wasn't until my son Sam turned 5, that I decided I would like to do an activity with him, and martial arts seemed like a perfect choice.

I needed something that would keep me fit, teach practical self-defence skills and be fun at the same time.

My reasons for still practising Choi Kwang Do are I have seen what it has done for people, whether it is improving their confidence or by helping them realise their potential.

I have met so many new friends, not just from my local area but across the globe also.

Choi Kwang Do is more than just a martial art, it promotes self-defence, fitness, optimal health and to have fun also!


Dave Storey

Chief Instructor / School Owner

My family started training before me, after watching them train and enjoying themselves, I decided I wanted in on the action. However, I was still serving in the Army and away from home. Once I finished my 22 years service, I didn't hesitate to sign up and start training alongside them.

From the first day, I was made to feel welcome, and I fully enjoyed the training and the atmosphere within the class. Choi Kwang Do is one of the few activities where I could train alongside my family and see my children grow into confident individuals.

When my instructor left the area, the running of South Coast CKD was passed to both Neil and myself. I found that being a School Owner is both enjoyable and rewarding, as you see students from all backgrounds and abilities grow with confidence as they progress through their training.


Hannah Howley

Head Instructor

I started Choi Kwang Do in 2012 because I wanted to start a martial art. And for many many reasons, I'm so glad it was Choi that I decided to join! Not only has it seen me through my teen years, but it's also allowed me to make so many amazing friends and actually enjoy exercise!! Choi is so phenomenally different to most martial arts, and it's just outstanding. It works with the person, with their body, with the person they're training with and teaches children and adults alike to have fun while learning. It's also great as a family activity. A year or so after I started, my dad began Choi as well. He saw the change in me, and he wanted to be a part of it. He got the bug, and it's absolutely wonderful to do such a lovely activity with him.

South Coast has grown massively in the years it has been going. But one thing remains the same; the fun aspect. And it'll continue because even as Choi Kwang Do progresses further, as they say, it'll still always be fun. You'll see smiles all around, and that is just one tiny reason why South Coast, why Choi is a great martial art.


Debbie Appleby

Welfare Officer - 01329 729017 -

I took up Choi Kwang Do in 2013 along with my two sons. We were, immediately, all made to feel very welcome by everyone, and since then we have gained a Choi family with some very good friends, in all four corners of the world.

Along the way, I have learned some good self-defence techniques and earned my 1st Dan Black Belt. I am currently well on my way to earning my 2nd Dan Black Belt and am extremely proud of myself with all the hard work and dedication, which has been made so much easier with a fantastic instructor team guiding me on my Choi journey. I only hope that I can inspire any future black belts the way I have been inspired!


Ethan Storey

Assistant Instructor

I started Choi in 2012 hoping that it would be something fun and new for me to do. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed and carried on. I got the rest of my family to join in as well, and we’ve been doing it ever since then.

I continue it because there’s still quite a lot of fun to be had and everybody is very friendly towards each other. Besides that, it is an excellent way for me to exercise. I’m not really an active person, but this has been very useful for me so I can stay healthy.


David Woodhouse

Assistant Instructor

I thought I was mad agreeing to start Choi Kwang Do at the age of 51, but my 8yr old daughter thought it was a great idea for Dad to join in for her first class. She had only learned about Choi Kwang Do from a friend at schools and wanted to try it out. We found the team to be friendly and did not put us under any pressure to be fit or to have any coordination, and they have improved with time and practice.

Since those early days my other daughter has joined us, and we all enjoy it, there is always a bit of competition between us, but there are sessions like “Black Belt Academy“ specifically for them to keep me in my place. My daughters do one session a week, and I do two normally (and three if I get a chance).

After 18 months I became an assistant instructor, not because I know it all but because I want to help others to take this journey. It has turned out to be another chance to learn even more about Choi Kwang Do, and there is so much, much, much more to learn. Looking forward to it.


Debbie Toms

Assistant Instructor

My Choi Kwang Do journey began during friends and family fortnight in August 2017. Three of my children had already started their own Choi journeys and nagged me to join in (I really didn't want to, I was quite happy to sit and watch), however, once I had started I got hooked!

I really enjoy the variety each class delivers (I usually attend 4 classes per week) and how my fitness has improved as well as my concentration. Learning new techniques and patterns as I progress through the belts has given me focus and discipline.

The Instructor Team are really supportive, friendly and tolerant, especially as they support all ages and abilities!

I am now looking forward to my next chapter on my Choi journey as an Assistant Instructor and hope to support others on their own Choi journeys.